Discover your business genius hidden within your creative intelligence to unlock a powerful business!

“How do I grow my business” is the most prevalent question that business owners ask themselves. 


The next step that business owners often take is to ask the experts & consultants

what strategies will allow this growth to happen. 


And this is where most business owners go wrong!  


They fail to trust their own instinct and instead outsource their vision to the

so-called experts. 


And more often than not, these consultants also tell you that the vision will not

“sell” in the market, so most business owners end up watering down what is

possible for their business. 


Welcome to Natural business


A evolved philosophy of business where creative intelligence supersedes expert strategy. 


Natural Business is a philosophy of business that was born out of nature.


Just take the acorn and the oak tree. The true nature of an Acorn is to become an

oak tree. And nature has endowed the acorn with the innate creative intelligence

to know how to become an Oak Tree.


The Acorn does not require external expertise to become an Oak Tree. The only

expertise that the acorn requires is the sun and water. Yet these external factors are

only deployed because they are in alignment to the true requirements of the Acorn. 


Business in its essence like any other area of life, has nature at its heart. Meaning that

when you find your “Oak Tree” i.e. true vision that your true nature intended, then

nature has also given you the blueprint i.e creative intelligence to make this true

business vision come to fruition. 


The only time external expertise & strategy is called upon is when one’s creative intelligence calls for this expertise. As opposed to seeking external advice out of the need for validation and assurance.


Most often then not, business owners do not trust

their own creative intuition because they feel insecure and fearful in trusting 

themselves. It’s just often easier to get off the shelf blueprints and formulas but

this comes at the expense of one’s truth. 


They are more focused on not losing the business success they have had,

rather than creating the business success that is true to their own spirit.

Why creative intelligence trumps business strategy

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True vision vs False vision

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Natural Sales

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Natural Business Vision

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Natural Business plan

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Natural Business strategy

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Justin Carr.jpg

Mr Justin Carr

This work with Natural Business has been profound for my business as I am no longer doubting myself & looking for how to knowledge

katie G.jpg

Miss Katie Gasparri

Before this work with Vineet, I was constantly looking for business programmes to show me the path but I know trust myself to execute what is right for my business


Mr Sanj Sandhu

I have discovered my true calling & launched it as a business, without having to compromise what lights me up

Why Natural Business

Connection is probably our number one need as a species.  When a child is born, it needs connection with the mother immediately, without which trauma develops. 

The need for connection plays out not only with others but also ourselves. This connection with ourselves affords us access to a reservoir of wisdom that lies within us. 

This wisdom within ourselves acts as a guiding star to fulfil the destiny that sits in our hearts. In the case of natural business, this destiny is to create a business that is of service to the world. 

Therefore Natural Business is your willingness to reconnect with the wisdom that promses to support you in fulfilling your business calling in the world. 

Natural Business Ltd
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