Calling purpose driven folks sitting on a their life's calling to uplift humanity

Yet NOT maximising its potential! 

Get unstuck & end the struggle 
with a free Launch Your Purpose session! 
The Launch Your Purpose session is designed to get to the root cause of your struggle in your purpose, so that you can get unstuck and start to act on your calling. 
My promise, by the end of your free session you will know how to take your mission out into the world! 
Please note this is an honest offer to help you if you if you are struggling in your conscious business. This is not a masquerading sales pitch. I do have further services available, yet you are not obliged to take them up. 
Here's to sincerity. 
Vineet Bhatia 
"Before my session with Vineet, I had invested in tons of programs and coaches, yet I found myself in the same pattern getting stuck but not understanding why. By the end of the session, I could see where the subconscious pattern was coming from and I now feel free from going round in circles" Katie Gasparri, NJ, USA