What is the number one problem that you are facing in your business, right now? 

Have you tried to resolve it without avail? 


Would you like to know why you haven’t found a solution to your business problem? 


It is because you have been trying to resolve the problem with the level of the mind that created the problem in the first place. 


The resolution to your business problems lay beyond the conscious mind. Beyond your current level of awareness, there is information waiting to be accessed that can offer you the solutions you are seeking. 


This information lies beyond the rational mind. You might call it super information or intuition as it is outside your everyday awareness. 


Intuition or gut instinct, are just fancy words to explain information or data.  


The scientific truth is that the conscious mind only processes approximately 2000 bits of information per second. 


The information that the mind does comprehend is inline with your conscious everyday perception of yourself and your world. 


The conscious mind does not want to rock the boat of your identity because this would disorinate you and your life, hence it limits the information it processes. Plus, it’s convenient. 


If I may be so ballsy to add, your everyday sense of self does not want to move beyond the problems it perceives because one’s identity is reinforced by the patterned information that it has used for living and experiencing on a daily basis. The familiar is good to your sense of self, whether that be good or bad. 


With all due respect to other consultancy services, the solutions to your business problems do not always lie in your conscious mind, like in traditional problem solving. 


They lie in accessing the information that is beyond the rational mind. Intuition. 


Ultimately, existence is just information. Our job is to access the spectrum of information beyond the regular 2000 bits so that we can change our reality. 


Super information (Intuition) applied in the business context has the ability to transcend your issues and offer solutions for problems like……  


  • Sales processes 

  • Marketing avenues to use for most effectiveness 

  • Strategy for company growth 

  • Product & services to offer that would best serve the market 

  • Customer segments to target as an ideal market for your services 

  • Employee or company culture problems 

  • Leadership or management issues 

  • Change management in uncertain times 


Infact, any business problem can be tackled with the use of intuitive practices that apprehend information that offers new possibilities for your business. 


With the current pandemic, it is more important than ever before that your business is nimble and light on its feet, so that it can respond to change. Our intuitive Business consultancy gives you creative direction, as opposed to resorting to the same tactics & strategies that all your competitors are using. 


If you are looking to defy the current economic climate to build a successful business, then we invite you for a free consultation where we will demonstrate the capability of this consultancy process. 


In order to qualify for a free consultation, your business must meet the following criteria. 


  • Your business must be established and running already 

  • You must have a successful business  

  • Your team and you must be willing to try and implement the solutions that you discover in these sessions. (All information is useless unless you put it into practice) 

  • Open minded businesses that are willing to listen and get beyond their ego. 

  • Willing to go down the route of creative innovation, as opposed to copycat strategies out of safety 

  • Willingness to look at oneself, as business is just an extension of the personal self.  


Who is this consultation not for 

  • One man band coaching or consultancy businesses 

  • Businesses yet to launch into the market 

  • Personal related issues disconnected to the business 


Go ahead and send us an inquiry for a free Intuitive business consultancy, giving you a dry run at the possibilities that this opportunity offers.  


Please add detailed information about your business so that we can ascertain whether we would be a good fit for the consultation. 

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