It is because they are searching for answers to their business problems in their heads, as opposed to the creative intuition that has the answers.

We all have an intuition that you might refer to as gut instinct but not many trust it or have the courage to act on it. 

Another reason is that you are usually looking at "experts" to give you the answers. You buy courses, read loads of books, watch videos etc but still end up overwhelmed and confused. Nothing wrong with experts as long as it doesn't come at the expense of your truth which is intuitive knowing. 

You keep asking the question "How do I do build my business?" but it never appears to be answered. 

The logical/rational mind is only a very small part of the information that your mind has access to. The rational mind is equal to familiar information that has already been processed. 

Where as the creative brain has access to information that is yet to be comprehended by your ego identity. 

The idea is to one, find out what conscious business your heart wants to create. 

Two, give this idea to your mind. i.e. hold the focus in your mind of this idea. 

Three, then start to tap into your creative intuition to find out how to make the business concept come to fruition. 

If you are stuck and struggling to become a successful coach/mentor etc who wants to build an impactful and prosperous business, you'll want to tap into creative intuition. This is carried out with an intuitive business plan. 

The intuitive business plan will give you a comprehensive road map to take your conscious business from A to B. 

Elements of the Intuitive business plan

1. "what does the heart want to create" intuitive reading to get clarity on the business idea. 

2. Current Reality reading, where you are currently relative to the creation that you intend for. We must neutralise what may hold you back in order to move forwards. 

3. Intuitive business plan reading. This reading consists of 

- Customer reading 

-Marketing reading 

-Sales process reading 

-Product/service reading 

Why do traditional business plans NOT work? 

Because they are designed to give you cookie cutter answers for your business growth. Generally these answers are not your truth in how to grow your business. They are answers that are derived from how you SHOULD your business. 

Would you like to build a successful conscious business? 

If so start on the right footing by finding out the path way that is true to you. 

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