Uncover the unconscious dynamic of your organisation with a free Intuitive Business Reading to liberate your organisation to deliver it's vision into the world! 

There is a “north star” vision that your organisation is meant to birth into the world! 


Your organisation is the “chosen one” as the sole bearer of this unique contribution! 


Yet your organisation is failing to deliver this vision or falling short of it. 


Something is clearly sabotaging the efforts of your business. 


Maybe a conflict or a problem is getting in the way? 


Maybe the business performance is below par or maybe oscillating? 


It feels disheartening to not achieve the results that your organisation has the potential to achieve? 


Has your organisation tried to achieve its aim with traditional business advice but without avail? 

What most business owners do not understand is that a failure to deliver a vision is caused by an unconscious dynamic within the organisation.  

The collective mind of the organisation is responsible. 


Contrary to popular belief, business results are not random or at the mercy of the market. 


They may appear to be so, as long as you only have awareness of the superficial cause of the problem. 


The truth is that your organisation is 100% responsible for the results that get created.


Unfortunately these negative results that seem out of one’s control are unconsciously created. 


And long as they remain unconscious, it will appear as though you & your organisation are powerless in creating change.  


As the quote goes “As long as the unconscious is unconscious, you will call it fate” 



The first step in ending this failure to deliver your “North Star” vision that your business promised to deliver is to identify the unconscious mental dynamic that is playing out. 


This unconscious mind is what controls the decisions and the behaviours that your organisation exhibits. 


In order to gain awareness of the unconscious dynamic that is responsible for your business falling short of it’s intended contribution in the world, we deploy the tool of intuition. 


Intuition is the skill to sense beyond the limited perception of the conscious mind, therefore gaining awareness of information that is outside the territory of the conscious mind. 


Hence an intuitive business reading is a tailored answer to your problem as a business. It does not rely upon cookie cutter strategies to resolve the problem. 


Intuition gives us access to personal answers and solutions for your organisation so that you can navigate your way out of the conflict once and for all. 

THE RESULT (from participating in the Intuitive business reading) 

  • Awareness of the real cause of why your organisation is not achieving its vision. 

  • Highlight the next intuitive strategy required to resolve the business problem 

  • Refocus on what matters most to your organisation to deliver your vision into the world. 

Who is the Intuitive business reading for? 


  • Organisation on a purpose driven mission to make a difference in the world 

  • Small organisation with a small to medium sized team  

  • Experiencing a crisis or major problem within your organisation 

  • May be affected by the uncertainty of the pandemic business world 

  • Organisations open to alternative methods of creating results that differ from the mainstream business narrative

Why is the Intuitive Business reading complimentary? 


At Natural Business, we want to introduce you to the power of our creative intelligence philosophy that promises to help your business delver its north star into the world. 


As a result, we want you to experience the power of our methodology.


Hence helping you to tap into the unconscious underbelly of your organisation via an Intuitive business reading is an introduction into the power of our work. 

"Since working within Vineet I stopped looking outside and have taken guidance only from my own genius and intuition. The results are growing day by day. Not only am I getting more opportunities for clients and collaborative projects, I’m also enjoying it much more because I am doing it my way." 
Pinky Jangra, London, UK

"Before this work, I was constantly looking for others to advice me. But the work with Vineet has allowed me to gain access to my own wisdom in order to grow my business"
Katie Gasparri, NY, USA
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