How Can Natural Business grow your business? 

Natural Business refers to the fact that nature contains within the seed of creation, a vision for what it is designed to create.


In the example I give, imagine an acorn. This 'seed' of nature knows its design is to become an Oak Tree. And this seed also contains the formulae to become the Oak Tree. Meaning that the seed has the innate intelligence to know how to fulfil its Oak Tree destiny.


Considering that we are a part of nature, it is not a far flung idea that we also contain the inner intelligence to fulfil our destiny. Obviously one’s destiny can vary based on the truth of what one wants to create in one's life.


In the case of Natural Business, we are referring to our business destiny. A business of our hearts choosing being our Oak Tree. Yet why is it that once we have discovered a business that is true for us to create in the world that we buy into external strategy from consultants and experts, as opposed to tapping into our creative intelligence?


This is primarily because instinctively we know that we have an infinite potential to create, but we are conflicted because we have learned that we do not contain the answers within us.


But the Natural Business journey is about showing you that your creative intelligence supersedes the strategy's by experts. In this case, you have a natural strategy within you, the job natural business is to coax this out of you. Just ask the acorn.

Let’s dive into the nitty gritty of the Natural Business ‘strategy’.

1. in order for you to create a business in accordance with the ease and grace of nature, we have to ascertain your true business vision.


Many business folks tend not to create a business that is true to them because they either believe it is not possible or that they are trying to create out of survivalism, as opposed to what they would love to create.


Discovering the business that you would love to create is akin to your Oak Tree. Therefore, the Natural Business journey always begins by ascertaining what your true nature wants to create in the form of a business calling.


2. Then we move on to discovering the “True strategy”. How will we create this business into reality?


In traditional business circles, people tend to look for a business strategy. This business strategy is often born out of the expertise and knowledge of consultants and experts who supposedly know better than you. Now I am not saying that external strategy is bad, but what I am saying is that business strategy must not be a compensation strategy for feeling insecure in trusting one’s own instinct.


Yet unfortunately, most business creations tend to be outsourced to the strategy experts as a safe bet, as it hedges the so-called risk. The truth is that this outsourcing is unnaturally born out of one’s own self feeling insecure and unsure of oneself. Therefore, in place of going to external business strategy, natural business supports you in tapping into and mastering your innate creative intelligence.

A series of exercises are carried out in order to deduce the 'Internal strategy'. This internal strategy is deduced based on continuous focus on one’s true vision. When we have the end in mind, nature supports you in the fruition of that end result. Therefore the guidance of your creative intelligence is a product of one’s focus on the true vision.


3. This is where the third step of Natural Business comes in, ‘Egoic Neutralisation’.


Natural Business clients are being educated in this natural way of creation where they will find that their nurtured insecure self comes to the party. You might call this the ego. When this happens, in an attempt to keep oneself safe and in the known, the ego may bring an element of business sabotage. Or you may be inundated with fear and doubt.


The real issue with the egoic self arising is that it will tend to feel powerless, hence look for external validation of its ideas. This is when, as opposed to trusting one’s own creative intelligence, the doubt makes people outsource the strategy which often doesn’t work or even if it does, it is not true to oneself.


You see we all have a desire to do it our way. Our way is not a formula set by those that came before us, but instead born out of our innate intelligence. Yet people tend to believe that they do not have the capacity or the capability to do it their way.

Hence, the third step is called 'ego neutralisation'. A process of letting go of your insecure self so that the vision can come to fruition, born out of your innate creative intelligence. This process takes you back to the truth that nature made you whole and complete. And when you are operating from this wholeness, you will be tapped into your creative intelligence.


4. The fourth step is to execute the creative intelligence referred to as 'Intuitive action'.


Intuitive action lends itself to the realisation that your execution should be born out of your own wholeness that contains that internal strategy. As opposed to 'doing actions' that tend to be coming from a hit and miss place.


Obviously, each step of the Natural Business journey contains many pieces and learning but it definitely is the beginning of the end of compensating strategy and the, 'How do I do this' question.


Creations born out of nature benefits everyone. Therefore, a natural business will always contribute to all those that it is designed to serve. It will have a purpose like everything does in nature.


And even more importantly, you will be of purpose like nature intended. The end result is that you have either built a successful business that is true to yourself or you are well on the road to building the business in alignment to your highest vision.


If you keep asking yourself the question, “how do I grow my business”, then you are likely to be stuck in an unnatural business state. If so, book yourself in for a complimentary Natural Business session, where you will learn to apply the philosophy on your business. Just email

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