The Natural Business experience
A journey into your creative intelligence to grow your business naturally, without the struggle!
The Natural business training, supercharging innovative business born out of creative intelligence & intuitive wisdom
The problem that most business owners face is that they do believe that they do not have it within them to know how to build their business. 

Hence, they resort to seeking external experts out of the need for validation and permission. 

Right now with the pandemic, there is more uncertainty in the “business air”. Therefore business owners are unbeknown to them, looking to copy the so-called experts and their advice. 

This behaviour of seeking experts or waiting for the market to inform them of their next moves or even what is possible, is the product of our minds being conditioned to a limited perception of ourselves. 

We are conditioned with a bunch of beliefs and thinking about ourselves that essentially says that we do not have it in us. Therefore, people spend their lives looking for answers, solutions and expertise outside themselves. 

Yet the truth is that we are intelligent beings embodying a creative intelligence that gives us the ability to create that which is true for us to create from the inside out.


Just observe an Acorn. The acorn possesses the creative intelligence to become an oak tree. It doesn’t require external advice or expertise to grow from the seed that is the acorn into the oak tree. The only external input it requires is that which is in alignment to the needs of the acorn, such as sunshine and rain. 

We are a product of nature too and have it within us to turn our destiny into reality with the support of our innate creative intelligence. 

This creative intelligence when tapped into gives us access to the natural ability within to create our business vision into the world, irrespective of external circumstances or events.


When you learn to build your business vision by tapping into your creative intelligence, you will end up creating an innovative enterprise that is not cut from the copycat cloth of business. 

For you to bring this transcendent business into the world born out of your own creative intelligence you will have to learn the way of natural business. 

The remit of this workshop is to teach you the way of Natural business so that you can create a business entity into the world. 


In this workshop the following themes of Natural Business will be taught. You will be required to practice each element so that you are proficient at putting it into practice for your actual business.

Training themes in the business context include:
  • Applied Creative Intelligence 
  • High Level Intuition 
  • Resistance Neutralisation 
  • Advanced Self Awareness 
  • Attention Creates Nature of Experience   
  • Perception limits reality 
  • Conflict deconstruction 

The journey of applying natural business to your business in the training begins as follows: 

1. Firstly you tap into your creative intelligence to discover your "business entity"  that will act as a life force

    allowing you to build the business naturally.   This is the basis of an innovative business. 

2. You become aware of the false focus that your identity (mind) tends to default to so that you can shift your

    focus that keeps you subconsciously stuck and limiting your success to a focus that is in alignment to

    your vision. 

3. Here you learn to become aware of the egoic resistance that arises for you in opposition to your vision, 

    triggered by a set of subconscious beliefs. We do this so that you can be taught how to neutralise the


4. You will then learn to tap into your intuition so that you can predictably learn to rely on the way that you

    access innate strategies to grow your business.  This is also where we discover your business genius by

    tapping into your business archetype.  

    Learning high level intuition will serve you in applying it to the sales, marketing, products/services etc of your business.  

The end product of training in the Natural business way;


  • You will redeem the natural ability to create your business from the inside out.

  • Developing the practical skill of tapping into creative spirit,

  • Honing in on your intuition to inform you how to bring your business into realty.

  • Conquering resistance that kills many businesses 

Time to discover the missing piece that was always within you to unlock your business genius! 





(Early bird £1000 before 14th February)






Natural Business workshop is a 3 day experience. 


From 26th to 28th February 2021. 


From 12pm to 8pm each day. 


Will be held online via zoom. 

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