Super consultancy is short for super information consultancy.  


Super information refers to awareness of information in consciousness that is outside the realm of the rational mind i.e. the creative mind. 


This super information can only be accessed as a result of intuition.  


At Natural Business, we do not use business strategies as most consultancy’s use to help your organisation create change or transformation. We believe that the collective consciousness of your organisation is at the root of the crisis/distress performance. 


We at Natural Business are the foremost authority in deploying intuition to gain awareness of  the consciousness of your organisation that is responsible for the current state of affairs that are playing out.  And then shifting this consciousness by tapping into a creative consciousness, allowing for your organisation to deliver it’s purposeful vision into the world. 


When our “super consultancy” is in action, it operates intuitively on three levels of consciousness. 


  • Unconsciousness - Awareness of the unconscious dynamic that is responsible for the crisis performance of your organisation.  


  • Consciousness -  Directing the conscious attention of your organisation, as attention creates the nature of one’s/organisational experience. 


  • Superconsciousness - Tapping into the genius that resides within the seed of your organisation so that it’s creative mind can be unleashed to deliver it’s intended vision into the world. 


If you want your organisation to transcend the whims of the market, or the pandemic or just what appears as random performance distress in your pursuit to achieve your north star vision into the world, then we welcome you to become acquainted to the truth that the collective consciousness of your organisation is responsible for the results it creates. 


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