Transcendent Business workshop 

What is the number one mistake that most business owners are making

at this unprecedented time of the pandemic? 


It is that they have adopted a negative vision. One infiltrated by the fear mongering of the pandemic.

Mostly on an unconscious level. 


One of the ways that you can tell the doom and gloom of the environment has creeped into your mind is that you are starting to take actions from a reactionary space. 


You are no longer in your business for the love of it, but focused on what could go wrong. 


Focusing on what could go wrong and forecasting fires that you might have to put out. 


As a result, you are probably riddled with fear and anxiety. 


You have probably built a successful business, but now fear you might lose it all if the “business pandemic” arrives at your footstep. 

You probably find it difficult to sleep at night imagining the worst case scenario. 

When a business owner has adopted a fear based vision, technically known as a negative vision, they will start to become fixated on the business environment and start to believe that the destiny of their business lies in the hands of the economic circumstances.  

So, what is the solution to this problem? 


Before I share the solution, let me share the big lie that has been taught to business owners; the business environment dictates the success of a business. 


At first glance this may be true, but the truth is that businesses that buck the trend in any economic downturn are the trail blazers. 

Trail blazers in that they are driven by a creative vision that transcends the environment. 

Well known entrepreneurs of the past have always gone about pioneering a positive vision that acts as a magnet towards the creation of an innovative business  

The solution to any economic downturn or in our case, the pandemic is to create a powerful transcendent vision. One that rises above the business environment. 

Human beings have the innate ability to be driven by an inner vision. One that doesn’t require the permission of the economy or the prevailing business environment. 


When a business has tapped into a transcendent vision, they become a force to be reckoned with.   


In fact, the prevailing sentiment during a business recession is usually to play it safe. To button down the hatchets.


This negative way of playing the business game just ends up back firing as negative moves lead to negative results more often than not. 


The counter intuitive thing to do that trend setting businesses have always done during downturns is to double down on creative innovation.  


Creative innovation ends up setting a business apart from all those businesses that are building to fortify old structures, whilst creative innovation ends up allowing the brave business to create its own game.  


This creative innovation within a business is born out of the creation of a transcendent vision. 

Welcome to the solution for businesses during uncertain times. 


The Transcendent Business workshop. 


The aim of the Transcendent Business workshop is to support you in creating a transcendent vision for your business that acts as a magnet towards the creation of an innovative business. 


When you have tapped into a transcendent vision for your business, the business will become an entity of its own. Separate from your ego as the business owner.  


This is like any artistic or creative endeavour, the creation takes a life of its own, with you just being the channel for the creation. 


Once a business has its own life force, it plays by its own rules and is not subject to negative forces prevailing in the market.  


Once we have tapped into this transcendent vision, the business having become an entity in its own right, the transcendent vision will then be tapped into for creative direction. 


Tapping into the transcendent vision to deduce the creative direction, is an intuitive act. 


Intuition is the wisdom that we all contain. Like an acorn containing the wisdom to become an Oak tree. 


Yet few people, including few business owners trust this instinct within. At this stage of the workshop you will be taught how reliably to tap into this intuition that great entrepreneurs have learnt to hone. 


Now just because you have a transcendent vision in your hands and have tapped into the business entity for creative direction, does not mean that you will necessarily be equipped to bring it to fruition. 


This is when most business owners are hit with resistance. Resistance you might see as the dark force that acts against the creation of the vision. This dark force is born out of one’s mental and emotional landscape that feels a sense of threat and lack of safety in walking uncharted territory. 

Your ego is invested in its perceived survival that is threatened when you do something that is outside the norm. 

Hence, at this stage of the workshop we work on understanding and moving beyond the resistance, also known as ego neutralisation. The ego being defined as a narrow mental self image that generally holds you back. 


With these three powerful allies of creativity, intuition and resistance neutralisation you will be ready to bring your transcendent business vision to fruition, bucking the business pandemic. 


You are left with a bridge for your business to transcend the pandemic and to create a creatively innovative business.



Now the only question is, will you cross the bridge? 

This is a 3 day workshop.



An initiation into a creative intelligent way of building a business, as opposed to being at the mercy of external factors. 

It is an investment of £1200.